Norwegian Winter Adventures

A Norwegian winter is a true feast for all your senses, one to be treated with a degree of respect.  Throughout your Raw Roros Norway Winter Adventure your expert guide will ensure that you get to experience the best that is on offer, in this beautiful winter wonderland.  All whilst staying comfortable and safe within our snowy cold playground.


The list of options for your adventure is truly breath taking as well, and can be experienced from the nightly comfort of a local hotel, to a wild but warm log cabin or for the really hardy a Lavvu camp.  Full from delicious local food, your day times could be spent watching wildlife whilst on a snow shoe walk, dog sledging, cross country ski, ice fishing, learning winter bushcraft skills, reindeer herding or simply experiencing the ancient delights of the UNESCO world heritage town of Roros.


A typical day will start with a lovely breakfast, and then your off.  Cold weather clothes or, camera in hand you can start the days adventure.  Your expert guide will tailor the day to the group, and may surprise you with a lovely lunch, whilst you sit on reindeer skins around a campfire taking in the beautiful scenery.  Towards the end of the day we head back to your accommodation, and you can have the chance to relax, have a drink, a delicious meal and reflect upon a day to remember always.  Maybe an evening walk is also a good idea?  A possible chance to experience the Northern Lights, see some more wildlife, or star gaze next to a fire.  One thing is for certain, a night you will fall asleep quickly with a smile, motivated for tomorrows adventure into our beautiful Norwegian countryside.


Let us know, what you would like in your Norwegian Winter Adventure soon and we will plan it especially for you.  The ultimate winter holiday to smile about for years to come.



Available in February & March


7 days


from NOK 20 500 per head

For groups of 3 or more