Exclusive icefishing

Big and willing to bite

What if YOU were allowed to fish in Europe's best fishing waters?Fishing in Haugatjønna is something that dreams are made of, with fish growing to a big size (average weight 0.8kg in 2010) and being willing to bite quite fast.



Each year a giant ice fishing competition with between 600 to 900 participants is organized on the brilliant fishing lake Haugatjønna.


Thanks to a agreement RAW Røros has with the land owner we invite you to fish with us in this unqiue and magical way whenever there is ice!

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The town of Brekken is located 35 km from Røros.



Prices and information

Price per person from NOK 1100, - NOK (3 hours)
Price includes fishing license and equipment rental
Minimum 7 persons or 7700, - NOK