About Raw

A Norwegian outdoor company

Raw Røros is an outdoor activity company like no other. Raw is located in the UNESCO world heritage mountain-town of Røros.


Our wide range of products and courses has been designed to allow you to experience the best of each season and each aspect of the beautiful environment we are surrounded by. Every day with us is a day that feels like the most amazing outdoor dream.


Summers find us peacefully exploring the great lake Femunden and its connecting water ways by canoe, trekking & mountain biking across our beautiful mountains, all whilst being surrounded by stunning wildlife.


Winter is a truly unique experience, just imagining staying in a log cabin surrounded by snow and forest, sitting by a log fire, ski’s prepared for a adventure tomorrow, all whilst eating fresh fish which you caught whilst ice fishing earlier today on a snowshoe walk.


These are the days we love to share with you.



Be it a group of friends, your family or a corporate training event we have the skills to enable you to develop in Raw nature.

The story

So what is the story behind a guy from The North Cape, as far north as possible in Noway ending up running a outdoor company in Røros?


It turned out that Espens girlfriend Anita was the 10.generation descendant of Peder Monsen Rugelsjøen.
He was the man who found the ore in the mining area “nordgruvfeltet”


The Karolinerne to the now famous Swedish General Amfeldt also took a bull from the same man.
Not nicely done, but the farm wich have a history several hundred years back is now used as a holiday house.


There, Espen been allowed to exercise the pleasures of outdoor life for many years, on the neighboring property to the fameous norwgian writer Johan Falkberget.


With hardly no other working outdoor adventure companies in the area Espen’s business plans started and in 2009 he and his family moved to Røros


The history of Raw Roros continues and we look forward to filling it with happy and stimulating activities.