Our passion

Raw Nature


Røros is situated south of the South Trøndelag on the border of Hedmark.
The entire mountain region around this unique place has vast natural areas creating a unique framework for our activities.


20 minutes east of Røros Femundsmarka National Park which is our main area. 30 minutes west of Røros is Forollhogna National Park.
North and south are also lots of beautiful mountains and broad areas that can be carved through.


The many lakes and rivers that ties these together also makes our area a paddling paradise.


Much untouched nature. RAW nature.

Raw history

Røros has a RAW history withe the mines dating back to 1644.
This story will we also help you get an idea of when you visit us.


The raw nature and the RAW miner's culture is the basis for the name, activities and everything we do in RAW Røros.


Røros did also get the "best destination" award from virgin holidays responsible tourism awards in 2011. 

Our Values:

Simple, rooted, powerful, proud, knowledgeable and adventurous.

What can you expect from us?

At Raw Røros you can expect to learn something new.


You can also expect that we will do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction with our experiences.Raw Røros is a professional partner with good contacts in the area.


Your next unique event is ready to be created with us.


We are in the process of certification as approved Norwegian ecotourism business and we work for developing high standards for guides and experience producers in Norway.