Canoeing in Norway

Lakes and rivers


Our beautiful home base of the UNESCO world heritage town of Roros is surrounded by some of best canoeing waters and wilderness that Norway has to offer.


As you gently paddle through the stunning country side, you get to explore places that humans rarely get to visit and follow the routes that in times gone by timber was floated along to build the Roros.  The evidence of history and wildlife is all around you, as you float along, perhaps trying some fishing or going for a short walk into the breath taking land about you.


We offer canoeing holidays for those with no previous experience all the way to advanced remote canoe expeditions. Your expert guide will be present at all times, ensuring that not only are you safe, but also get to fully experience the beauty of this area and in particular the amazing Femundsmarka National Park.

Expert Guides


Our canoe guides will accompany you at all times and are certified by the British Canoe Union to the highest level.  Not only will they ensure your safety, but also complete enjoyment


With our canoeing adventure holidays ranging from hotel based daily wilderness excursions to a full on expedition, we will tailor your stay in Roros perfectly to ensure that


Dates:                                                Available in June, July and August

Duration:                                            7 days

Cost:                                                  From NOK 17 000 pr head.

                                                         For groups of 3 or more



Canoeing package tour in Røros.