Adventure holiday in a world heritage site


What is the difference between an experience and an activity?

We know!
All our products are developed according to Pine and Gilmore's theories in the experience economy. 

Our experiences are:

You learn something about Røros, nature, and perhaps some new tricks to take with you on your next outdoor adventure.


To get the good feeling of success, we want our customers to participate as much as possible themselves.


We live here and let you explore the Røros region with us.

The great advantage of using a local guide gives you the real Norwegian feel.
Safety issues are also well taken care of since we live in this environment all year around.

How do we separate winter and snow-free products?

In Røros, we actually have eight seasons, but we've made it easy for you to find out what time of year our experiences can be performed, these symbols you will find at the bottom of all our product pagesheets.


Winter products are available when it's snow and summer products are available when the snow free season starts.


Both symbols means we can do it all year around!



Groups and Adventure Holiday

Products you will find in the Event category are designed for events and incentives for enterprises and companies, class meetings and all other possible groups.

Leisure products are for single individuals, and we conduct scheduled activities regardless of the number of participants!

We hope you find lots of interesting nature based activities to do, and do you miss something it's nice of you to contact us on

Tailoring is a craft we know!