Rawsome Staff

Arne Alexander Strand

Arne Alexander is 37 years, Raw Røros’s "field master" and work as a instructor at the Norwegian Military Arctic Warfare and Survival school.


Strand has worked with survival training in a greater or lesser degree since 1994. Has a number of courses at home and abroad in survival.


He is a specialist in survival in the subarctic and arctic environments, and has experience from a number of exposed environments such as Finnmark, North - Sweden, Svalbard and the Arctic portion of Canada.


He also have a outdoor teaching degree from the School of Sport Sciences.


Like the other engaged in RAW, he has been involved in outdoor life most of his life.


Alex has experience from virtually any environment, from the sea and coastline through sea kayaking and scuba diving, mountain through hunting, hiking and climbing, and much forest environment.


Mr Strand also has a number of long trips in summer and winter from Finnforest, Hadangervidda, Rondane, Finnmark Plateau and Pasvik.


Arne Alexander is enthusiastically about what we do and enjoy his family life with his wife and their two daughters.



Rob Yates

Rob is the senior guide for Raw Roros, and a complete expert his field.  He has guided groups in a wide range of adventure activities across the world for the past 20 years and keeps ending up back in Roros!  Rob holds qualifications to the industry’s highest standards


Rob is exceptionally qualified as a guide, and when not guiding himself spends his time training guides across the globe. Having contracts in the USA, UK and South Africa. Some of Rob’s current clients for this work include The State University of New York, University of Worcestershire, the British Canoe Union.  Rob brings this knowledge and global experience to Raw Roros, ensuring that every guide is working to standards that is globally industry leading.


Locations guided in:












South Africa

New Zealand