Espen Holmgren

The entrepreneur

This man is ambitious, thorough and a experienced outdoors man. He been a officer in the Norwegian infanty and have lots of winter experience.Espen is a social guy who likes to spend time in the outdoors with other people.


His childhood was largely spent out in the form of one or another outdoor activity, free in the wild nature of Magerøya.


Espen has a diverse background and stories from his adventures are many and good.
So good that they deserve to be told around a campfire.


Raw Røros was founded on the basis of Espen's dedicated interest in people and experiences with people in nature.
Raw nature.
As it is in Røros and the surrounding areas.

Norwegian Mastering

The longing back to life in the forest meant that he started "Norwegian mastery." or Norsk Mestring as its called in Norwegian.

Norwegian Mastery is the first in Norway to develop a treatment for drug abusers and others with behavioral and psychological problems, where the use of longer expeditions, outdoor recreation and physical activity is paramount.


Espen’s passionate about people who have a harder life than his and he work hard to help people have a better life.
Raw Røros is actually a result of this work.


Revenues through Raw Røros gives him the opportunity to further develop the Norwegian Mastering as a non-profit organization.
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Røros and the nature

Espen living in Røros, where he has access to unlimited wilderness.


Through Raw Røros Espen want to give all his customers meaningfull experiences in interaction with other people.


When Espen is off work he likes to spend time outside and inside with his family.


You can find him on facebook, twitter and linkedin.